The Ultimate Thai Kitchen Performance   

Axia is one of the best innovation brands, that built with the highest quality and performance in kitchen appliances. With the most efficient production line that matches up to its great design, Axia has the great inspiration from the top reputation factories in Italy in order to offer the perfect style and design matching with your home kitchens.

With more than 10 years, we proud of trusted innovative and design, Axia has continued to develop it's products with the significant Italian engineered and manufactured.

AXIA Kitchen Appliances - The Ultimate Thai Kitchen Performance

Oven - Easy cooking fuction and many variety of functions that everyone can easily be Cheif at home.

Hob - Faster, Safety and Greater energy Efficiency with a High Definiton Flame Burner that make your cooking become faster and perfect than it used to be.

Induction Hob - With the greatest design and even more on safety system that we offer Wide Range Variety of Designs and sizes that matching with your kitchen and lifestyles.

Hood - The newest technology is made our Hood becoming Less Noise Disturbance than ever and even more power to extract smoke from your cooking.

Sink - With a New Design and Quality, this make our sink stronger and perfect macth for your kitchen in daily use.